Changing personal behavior is hard. Changing global problems is even harder.

The good news is that we have reached a cultural tipping point.

The Conscious Consumer has arrived.

After centuries of neglecting natural and human resources, the conscious consumer now cares about environmental and social responsibility including fair trade and worker equality.

Conscious consumers are increasingly aware of how their actions impact local communities and small, independent businesses. They demand ethical responsibility from the companies they support.

Conscious consumers actively supports brands that align with their priorities, creating a loyalty that makes it difficult for competitors to change. When conscious consumers buy, they make a statement about their values and priorities.

Government and industry standards have been established and continue to develop as some countries begin to legislate and support our shared responsibility.

The world is watching and judging the environmental impact of our collective actions. A company's image will be perceived by the extent of their efforts to reduce the damage to our atmosphere and ecosystems.

Today's retailers are calling for green packaging solutions.

Progress Luv2Pak has responded to the call.

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