Corporate Social Responsibility

At Progress Luv2Pak, we embrace the reality that our duty extends past profit. We have an obligation to operate in a responsible manner. This involves treating our employees fairly, giving back to our communities, and being mindful that our actions affect everyone on the planet.

Our strong CSR impact is illustrated in several ways:

From our safe disposal processes and recycling programs, to our hybrid car incentives, we consider our environmental impact in everything we do. This allows us all to breathe a little easier.

From our competitive pay and benefits packages, in-house fitness programs, nutritionists, to social events such as barbeques, pizza days and cottage retreats, to our dedicated health and safety committee, our employees all agree that being a part of the Progress family is truly gratifying.

We audit our suppliers to ensure that they follow strict Employee Rights Codes. This process guarantees that fair treatment is provided not only to domestic employees, but also to workers in our operations abroad.

We have a history of donating more than 10% of our profits to hundreds of local and national charities. Whether through our one-off donations to charitable events, or through our long-standing commitments to worthwhile causes that require our packaging in order to be successful, Progress constantly seeks ways to make a positive contribution to our global community.