Corporate Social Responsibility

At Progress Luv2Pak, we acknowledge that our responsibilities transcend mere profitability. We are committed to conducting our operations with a sense of accountability. This encompasses equitable treatment of our employees, contributing to our communities, and recognizing the impact of our actions on a global scale.

Our robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are evident in various aspects of our operations:

We prioritize environmental stewardship through our conscientious disposal methods, recycling initiatives, and incentives for hybrid car usage. These measures reflect our commitment to minimizing our ecological footprint and fostering a healthier environment for all.

Our comprehensive employee welfare programs, including competitive compensation, generous benefits packages, in-house fitness initiatives, and social gatherings such as barbeques, pizza days, and retreats, underscore our dedication to cultivating a fulfilling workplace culture within the Progress family.

We uphold stringent standards for our suppliers, ensuring adherence to rigorous Employee Rights Codes. This meticulous auditing process guarantees fair treatment not only for our domestic workforce but also for employees engaged in our global operations.

As a testament to our philanthropic ethos, we consistently allocate over 10% of our profits to support numerous local and national charities. Whether through direct contributions to charitable events or sustained commitments to causes reliant on our packaging solutions, Progress remains steadfast in its mission to effect positive change within our global community.