More Frequently Asked Questions!

Is there an minimum order?

For our showroom in Toronto the minimum order is $50 CAD. Online there is no minimum order amount.

Do you have wholesale prices?

We do! To apply to be a distributor, please email

What do I need to shop in the showroom?

To register to shop at our showroom you will need a business card or business license.  If you don't have either one on your first visit, you can bring it the next time!

I am a startup without a business license?

We completely understand how it is when you are just getting your business started!  For start-ups, you can show us your website to register to shop at our showroom.

How do I make an appointment to see the showroom?

No appointment needed! Our packaging specialists can assist you at any time, Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm (except on holidays).

Do you do custom sleeves to put over your boxes?

Only our Confectionland boxes have the option for sleeves. We can make custom sleeves, starting at 5,000 pieces minimum.

What is the difference between Paper Shoppers and Manhattan Bags?

The Manhattan is a premium paper gift bag, made with a thicker material and can hold heavier content. Further information for products can be found on the printable price lists which are accessible by clicking under the product image (in a blue box).

How do I get a sample?

Please email Shipping charges and charges for the samples depend on the product. 

Custom Printing vs. Custom Packaging

We get this question often! The biggest difference with custom printing and designing custom packaging is the quantity and timeline to create it. To create a custom box/bag, you will need to order 5,000 pieces or more and it will take a minimum of 2 months to create. If you want to print on a box/bag that we already have the minimum is 500 pieces and it can be done in as little as 3 weeks! 

What are your holiday hours?

Holiday hours and location information can be found here.

How do I change/update my log in?

Send an email to for assistance.

Do you stock the magnetic gift boxes?

We do! Malibu Gift Boxes and our Monte Carlo Gift Boxes

How long does normally take an out-of-stock product to re-stock?

Depends on the product but a member of our customer service team can look into it for you! Just email us at the product number or name, color and size of item you’d like to know about.

Do you have any retailers?

We do – a lot of retailers carry our products! If you let us know what area you are looking for one in we can have a member of our team get back to you with details. Email with your request.

I received the wrong size/color, how do I return/exchange the products?

We're sorry for the inconvenience! Please email us at so we can correct the issue.

Do you have a box with a spring?

Not at this moment! But we are always adding to our product line so checkout our site regularly! 

Do you offer gift wrap in industrial size?

Unfortunately, we do not. The wrap we offer is 24” x 100’ long.

Where are the boxes/bags made?

Depends on the product, some are made in Asia and some domestically in North America. Please email us at so we can have a member of our team get back to you with this information. 

Do your boxes ship flat?

Most of our boxes do ship flat, except for our Rigid Boxes: Jewelry Boxes, Berkeley Boxes, Malibu Magnetic Gift Boxes, Mod Boxes, Monte Carlo Magnetic Gift Card Boxes and Rigid Setup Boxes.

Any volume discounts?

There are! The price breaks can be found on the product page after you select the color and size that you want. If you are a wholesaler and plan on buying more than 10,000 of one SKU you can sign up to be a distributor. Please email us at so we can get you registered as a wholesaler!