It all started with a hat box back in 1917.

For 100 years, Progress has acquired the ability to offer unrivaled flexibility in custom manufacturing of any kind of box. Our specialty equipped large-format machinery is ideally suited to larger folding cartons, and allows us to excel in apparel and gift boxes.

Our years as an industry leader have allowed us to undertake our client’s most imaginative projects. With a plant in Toronto and 30 plants in Asia, we can achieve our client’s most ambitious projects with complex printing, various coating options, and the widest variety of materials including carbon neutral paper and FSC certified recycled board. Our domestically manufactured boxes guarantee you a shorter lead time and value-driven flexibility.

Ask us about our unique way of texturing a box or adding European quality embossing at a minimal cost.

The rigid box is the quintessential gift package.

At Progress Luv2Pak, our staff can help create a structural design to suit your needs, even in smaller quantities. We outshine our competition with value-driven options and sophisticated features such as special shapes and sizes, as well as grommets , ribbon, custom inserts, and other gift-oriented components.

And we can still make the hat box.

Minimum Custom Packaging Order: 5000 pieces