Replacing Single-Use Plastic Bags for a Green Environment

With the ban on single-use-plastic carry-out bags on the horizon in Canada and many US states. We understand that your team will be looking for cost-effective, reliable & good-quality shopping bag supplies for your stores. 

Our team was particularly well equipped to respond to the Government of Canada's legislation on poly bans and has scoured the market to identify factories & products globally that could meet this urgent demand of finding an alternative to single-use plastic bags. 

ProgressLuv2Pak, is a 100+-year-old Canadian company, specializing in importing premium packaging products from across the world. With partner factories in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America, your team can rely on us for consistent supply, top-notch quality and competitive pricing.

To help with the immediate need to replace single-use plastic bags, Progress Luv2Pak has created a quick guide below with the most cost-effective solutions for you to choose from. 

Please visit the Government of Canada site to learn more about the new regulations on the Plastic Bag ban.

Why Automated Paper Shopping Bags? 

Create a strong impression, automated paper shoppers are ideal give-away carry-out bags that check all boxes: economical, sustainable, and 100% recyclable  

  • Sustainability: 100% curbside recyclable
  • Recycled content: Can be made with 100% PCW content
  • Print: Vibrant print colours & finishes, up to 7 colours
  • Lead-time: Quick product development, with delivery as early as 8 weeks

Why Automated Reusable Bags?

With reusability at the forefront, our automated reusable bags are meant to provide a durable yet cost-effective bag solution to your customers. Use custom-printed reusable tote bags as point-of-sale giveaways or resale items at checkout. 

  • Sustainability: Reusable & durable
  • Recycled content: Can be made with up to 40% PCW
  • Print: Add a simple logo or upgrade your bag with gloss/matte lamination on select styles to add up to 7 print colors 
  • Lead-time: 4-6 months, our team will work with you to ensure we meet your project timelines

Eye-catching Automated paper shoppers bags

Automated Paper Shopping Bags:
When searching for the most economical solutions for paper shopping bags, identifying automated options is an essential starting point. Within this category, we give you the opportunity to compare our full range of options in terms of cost-effectiveness, sustainability features (such as curbside recyclability, percentage of recycled content and type of recycled content), structural features, material varieties, print & finish quality, lead times and regions of manufacturing.

Top features: 

Style/Construction: From as basic as serrated top-paper shoppers to adding a turn-top to your bags for a more premium look & feel.

Sustainability: Made from all paper, these bags are 100% curbside recyclable. The most cost-effective solution in terms of having the most recycled content in your packaging.

Print/Finish: Achieve vibrant print colors by upgrading your bag from brown to white kraft to represent your brand in style.

Manufacturing Region/Timeline: With factory sources both locally (North America) and globally, we can present you with multiple options to your team and assist in making decisions based on pricing vs supply urgency.

Automated reusable bags tailored to your business

Automated Reusable Bags:
Automation in construction through sonic welding instead of sewing gives you the most significant cost savings available amongst reusable bag offerings. Within our Automated Reusable Bag range, we help you set your priorities

Top features:

Style/Construction: Numerous options allow you to continue the use of your existing plastic bag store fixtures or set yourself apart with a unique solution for your brand.

Sustainability: Explore your options for adding recycled content to your material and meeting reusability regulation standards.

Print/Finish: Consider simple logo placement versus full colour, matte or gloss laminated options

Manufacturing Region/Timeline: We partner with the most cost-effective and best quality reusable bag factories in the world, in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Latin America to accommodate various timelines and price points.

Elevate your brand with sewn reusable bags

Sewn Reusable Bags:
The perfect blend of utility and style, our sewn reusable bags offer a premium branding experience, more sustainable material options, beautiful printing & finishes, and a maximum loading capacity. Don’t forget to ask us about our exciting RPET bags offering, which is made from recycled plastic water bottles. 

Top features:

Style/Construction: Select from modern-looking tubular or traditional piping construction to balance between budget and aesthetic appeal. Add other elements such as zipper, ribbon, or thermal insulation etc. to enhance the usability of these bags

Sustainability: Choose from materials made from 100% recycled rice sacs or plastic water bottles. Take this opportunity to make a strong statement to align with your brand’s sustainability goals

Print/Finish: Ability to print up to 7 colors and all 5 sides of the bags.

Manufacturing Region/Timeline: Produced in Asia, we will work with your team to expedite the development process and ensure timely delivery as per your project requirements

Sewn Reusable Bags:

  • Ideal for resale: High perceived value with maximum reusability
  • Sustainable options such as RPET (recycled plastic bottles)
  • Beautiful print & finish options for premium branding
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