We can meet the needs of requirements of your brand with our cost effective, fully-automated paper bags.  

  • Stock paper shopping bag solutions, unprinted or locally overprinted, to fill urgent gaps in your supply. Visit: www.luv2pak.com
  • Reliable alternate sourcing from Canada, Europe and Asia
  • Recycled content papers with various percentages of post-consumer waste (PCW) available

Paper Shopping Bags

Paper shopping bags are among the best and most popular purveyors of retail corporate identity. Our custom paper shoppers, whether from our domestic plants or from Asia, can be found in an endless array of materials and colors. They can be uncoated or coated, with several options for lamination.

At Progress Luv2Pak, we also have a range of unique alternatives to lamination including varnish, U.V., water-based coatings and overall embossing to meet your budget and environmental goals while achieving your desired effect.

What about handles?

Handles improves the appeal of a paper shopper. It is a handle that makes a bag fully functional.

Here are a few different choices for handles


A very beautiful handle type, ribbon adds a luxurious feel to shoppers. It is chic and can come in an attractive range of colors. Ribbon handles are typically used for more luxury shoppers, sometimes called Euro totes. These bags are designed for carrying items such as stationary, cosmetics, apparel and gifts.


Cotton fibers are roped together to make a strong fiber that can be used for carrying bags. These handles are cost effective and can also gives the luxe look and feel of ribbon. They can add strength to the carrier and are used on shoppers that can carry bulkier items like grocery.

Twisted paper

Another cost-effective option, in comparison to ribbon and cotton. Twisted paper handles are great for cost cutting and time-saving but it doesn’t mean that twisted paper handles wear poor look or give a rugged feel. When done correctly, they can look stylish and fashionable. Twisted paper handles are also great for creating a 100% recyclable bag.

Folded paper

This is the most natural and minimalistic choice - a length of a standard paper is folded at the ends to create a handle. The handle is then attached to a carrier. It looks natural and can be recycled with the carrier.

Sustainable Materials / FSC Bags

Whether from our domestic plants or from Asia, Progress Luv2Pak delivers quality forest-friendly packaging alternatives.

We can meet the needs of requirements of your markets and your brand with the following green material options:

  • Recycled content papers (with varying percentages of post-consumer waste PCW and post-industrial waste PIW)
  • Certified forest-friendly by FSC, PEFC, and SFI
  • Carbon neutral at source

Gift Bags (resale)

With decades of experience, Progress Luv2Pak has been creating custom designed or private labeled gift bags in an endless variety of styles for all industries and all occasions, from the most cost effective to the best value added luxury shopping bags.

We also incorporate coordinated fulfillment from start to finish including inserted tissue, gift tags, grommets, barcode stickers, cello bags or hang clips to make your gift bags ready for the shelf.

Reach out to one of our experts now to walk you through the right options and features to arrive at your ideal bag.

Minimum Custom Packaging Order: 5000 pieces