Why Our Masks?

Commercial Grade and TYPE IIR EN 14683 Disposable Face Masks

    • We offer EN14683-Type IIR Disposable Face Masks which have been used by healthcare networks, long term care homes and practitioners in Canada and USA
    • We offer Commercial Grade Disposable Face Masks with trustworthy performance test results and certification, which are currently in use at major retailers, museums, factories, food service, farms, large offices, warehouses, cosmeticians, and public settings

Test Type & Performance Test Report Results

    • We offer third party test results according to North American (ASTM F2100), European (EN14683) or Chinese (YY0469-2011) test standards
    • A Performance Test Report is available for your review for each of our masks

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

    • We offer verified test results for several masks options at  ≥95% BFE or ≥98% BFE, which meet standards acceptable for higher contact commercial use or civilian settings

Breathability & Comfort Trial

    • Our masks are easy to wear, featuring elastic ear loops and malleable nose piece
    • Refer to our performance test results for breathability rating of each of our masks
    • Order a free sample to trial any of our masks for comfort and fit


    • We offer mask options from both FDA approved and CE certified factories, with certificates available upon request

Quality Control & Third Party Factory Audits

    • We only work with manufacturers that have met our qualification standards through a third party factory audit focusing on such measures as: cleanliness, reliability, production systems and capacity, product quality, financial stability, social and environmental responsibility and more
    • Rest assured that all of our production runs are inspected either by our in-house offshore quality control team or a third party pre-shipment inspector to assure our masks match the quality standards and test performance that we have established run-to-run


    • The outside layers of the mask are both spunbound fabric, however, the backside layer is soft and absorbent while the exterior is liquid resistant
    • Melt blown interior layer – this is the material used for filtration - the quality and grams/sq. meter (GSM) are of utmost importance
    • All of our face masks are latex free

Stock On Hand

    • Our masks are in stock and ready to ship, with substantial quantities arriving weekly in order to meet your needs

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About Us

Progress Luv2Pak is a 100+ year-old company with over 40 years of importing experience from the Pacific Rim, specializing in premium packaging products made of a variety of materials, including polypropylene non-woven (PPNW), the main material used in PPE. Our factories are qualified and production runs are inspected in person by our in-house quality control team in China.

It was clear that our team was particularly well equipped to respond to the government’s call for help to fill the urgent need for PPE. We dug in immediately to scour the market and worked hard to verify product testing results and certification to create our best offering.

We continually stay on top of this volatile market to help our vendors test and certify their masks in order to bring new offerings and capacity to our customers.

Luv2Pak Office Headquarter 20 Tangiers

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Founded 1917

Family owned & run

Global leader in premium packaging products

Team includes 40 employees in Canada and Asia

In-stock and custom packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes

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Retail & gift packaging in a diverse range of materials: paper, plastic, metal, fabric and wood

Gourmet food packaging

PPE supplies

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40 years of ethical direct importing experience

In-house fulfillment, global logistics and rigorous quality control

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Established relationship with over 50 Manufacturers

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